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What is Nsys #HackTheHouse?

The Nsys #HackTheHouse is an IoT dashboard showing data from sensors. The goal is to create an application showing metrics from the various sensors (humidity, temperature etc) located in a smart home and/or building. Based on collected data the dashboard can provide analytic and predictions data such as energy saving, house happiness etc. Access to external data for dashboard is provided by adapter that is responsible for the integration with the external platform of the 3rd party such as vendor specific system or another IoT platform.

The Nsys #HackTheHouse implementation is based on the Nsys Platform and the project structure has been based on the Nsys Demo which is an example of software application based on customized distribution of the Nsys Platform.

If you are interested in the contribution to this project, please check up the Nsys #HackTheHouse at GitHub site. You can see the live demo at! Use default user "admin" and password "admin" to login.

Nsys #HackTheHouse Screenshots


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